Kami the Scythe Meister

Kami Monster Files:

Monster: Witch

Description:What can I say about witches? There are few common trait to identifying a witch. They are women who can manipulate energy.Vague as it sound it is possibly the best description I can come up with. They don’t all look like old hags and not even all of them are evil. I will admit a majority but I people that stems from the power itself, individuals with great power have a tendency to be corrupted by it. Many are just basically people trying to get by in their lives. DWMA has been at war with the Witches from The Witches realm but there is a non spoke agreement that the school doesn’t tend to go after witches that don’t harm anyone. There are witches that are actually good who try to use their powers to help. There is a group of witch whose power heals people one such witch had become a meister at the school her name is Kim. I’ve actually met a few good witches I also met a few terrible ones namely Morgan La Fey.

Survival Tips:Easiest one is to avoid. It is not a good idea to fight a witch at all they are very powerful. They release the energy and without any control it rips outwards like an explosion. Many meister have fallen victim to witches when they weren’t prepared. Training and a plan is best when fighting a witch.

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